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Sunday, 17 January 2010


So my name's Iman and I read. A lot. Right now, I'm supposed to be revising for my mock GCSEs which are pretty important- but I do have my French books open in front of me, so that can count as revision.

Anyway, I've been reading tons of YA fiction recently- yesterday, in fact, I read Luna by Julie Ann Peters, Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott and Saving Juliet by Suzanne Selfors. So then this morning, I thought, hey why not write a blog reviewing all these books? It's an excuse for reading more (but only if people actually read this) and meeting fellow lovers of YA fiction (and possibly all fiction since, as you may have read somewhere on this blog, I plan to not restrict myself to just reading YA fiction).

I think I'll start writing a blogpost tonight or something, so it should be up by Tuesday. We'll see. So I hope people actually read this, and I hope my reviews are useful and maybe you'll be encouraged to read some of the books I'll review, that'll be pretty cool.